Interior – Garden

Interior Design_ "Cultural Corner". Design and construction of a stage library ; the desire to bring to "art life" a small angular space inside a duplex apartment where to read a large collection of books and, occasionally to act.
Project of a bookcase and the artroom
Student apartment in Rome_ Our proposal aim to solve the three major aspects of the request of the customer; predominantly the sharing of space between 4/5 people then, the opportunity to work on a versatile design direct to contain prices and making optimal use of the technical resources of the apartment.
Project in Rome
Pied-à-terre in Bologna_ The project involves the reorganization of functional and aesthetic of the apartment placed in Bologna (Italy).
Project in Bologna
Interior Design_"House of Fire". Home project studio, set design for man artist, a surreal space created through the use of lighting. A unique environment that contains another inside: the cube. Each element represents a State of mind: chaos, rationality, madness, reflection, happiness and sadness. Lighting, materials and colours characterised each parts of the space underlining the contrast: black and white, cold and hot colour, metal and glass. A lit staircase leads to a more intimate and isolated room of the house, which represents the unconscious. This smaller cubic and suspended room is the house into the house.
The Cube House
Interior Design_"My Kitchen". Design and construction of a Kitchen in a residential flat.
Interior design
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